Thetahealing Intuitive Anatomy

Pre-Requisites: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA ThetaHealing.

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Product Description

ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy
This ThetaHealing Certification Course is a 15 day journey through the body intuitive, allowing you to intimately and intuitively meet the body organs and systems.  You will discover the beliefs and emotions that are inherent in the body.  This class offers healing to the body and the systems through the release of accumulated energetic emotions.  When we explore the beliefs held in each system and their relationships to the physical “dis-ease”, we can release the blocks that are holding us back from achieving optimal health.  You learn how to scan the body for all the systems that are functioning and the good positive beliefs held as well as any system break downs that are in need of repair.  As a student of the Intuitive Anatomy course, you have ample time for self-healing as well as witnessing healings for others.

Pre-Requisites: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA ThetaHealing.